Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Program

Sexual Health and
Blood Borne Virus Program

The AHCWA Sexual Health team provide ongoing support to our Member Services and other organisations that work with Aboriginal people through the delivery of face to face and online education and training called  The Birds and BBVs, to increase knowledge, skills and confidence to yarn with clients and community about sexual health.

The team maintains regular contact with ACCHS staff in order to ascertain and respond to support needs, provide ongoing provision of culturally appropriate information and resources in regards to STIs and BBVs and provides support with Point of Care Testing exploring barriers and ways to increase testing numbers whilst incorporating continuous quality improvement and best practice principles across the program.

The AHCWA Sexual Health team also supports our ACCHS and other organisations that work with young Aboriginal people to identify potential peer educators and deliver a youth peer education program called the Young Leaders Program. The Young Leaders Program provides training for  peer educators to facilitate local education sessions or health events with other young Aboriginal people.

Go Along Philis is a new educational resource created to help raise awareness about the syphilis outbreak in Western Australia. This graphic flipchart can be used by health practitioners, health promotion workers and other community-based workers, and ordered free here or by emailing [email protected]

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