Quality Policy


The Quality Policy aims to formalise the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia’s (AHCWA) quality objectives and commitment to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements Standard.


AHCWA will:

  • Ensure that our approach to quality is aligned with our strategic plan;
  • Deliver high quality support services that consistently meet or exceed our stakeholders’ expectations with regard to quality, timeliness and value for money;
  • Work collaboratively with key stakeholders including our members to help improve Aboriginal health;
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system;
  • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all non-conformances identified through CQI processes;
  • Comply with relevant legislation, policies, procedures and applicable Australian and/or International Standard requirements that apply to our organisation;
  • Provide evidence when required showing that all the quality requirements are being met through our processes and procedures;
  • Maintain infrastructure, equipment and Intellectual Property to ensure quality of service delivery;
  • Provide education and training opportunities for our employees to continually improve their skills, awareness and knowledge. Fostering a culture of consistency and excellence;
  • Encourage participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all employees through education, training, supervision, and effective communication; and
  • Acknowledge and respect the traditional rights and culture of Aboriginal people by using culturally secure practices.


To achieve our objectives and satisfy the expectations of all our stakeholders, AHCWA is committed to implementing and maintaining a quality management system which is based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements.
AHCWA Board of Directors (the Board) and Executive Management Team (EMT) are committed to demonstrating leadership with respect to the quality management system and taking accountability for the effectiveness of the system.
Further the EMT are committed to:

  1. Supporting management roles in demonstrating their leadership as it applies to their area of responsibility;
  2. Ensuring the integration of the quality management system into the organisation’s business processes;
  3. Promoting the use of a consistent and documented approach to Quality Objectives in the organisation; and
  4. Encouraging a risk-based decision making model during Quality Objective planning and implementation.

Matters for improvement are identified and acted on in a timely and efficient manner. Resources both technical and human will be focused towards the prevention of quality deficiencies. The organisation is committed to continual improvement involving ongoing monitoring, reviewing and training. Formal, measurable
and strategically aligned quality objectives are established and reviewed regularly.
The successful operation of the quality management system relies upon the cooperation and involvement of employees at all levels of the organisation. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of AHCWA, the satisfaction of the needs of clients and the industry, external stakeholders, and employees.

Maintenance of Policy

The Management Review Committee (MRC) has the ultimate responsibility to establish, implement, review and maintain the policy.
It shall ensure the policy is accessible to employees and relevant interested parties and is communicated, understood and applied
within the organisation.

Setting Quality Objectives

Quality objectives must be aligned to AHCWA’s strategic goals and include the following elements:

  • What will be done?
  • What resources are required?
  • Who is responsible?
  • When it will be complete?
  • How the results will be evaluated?


Quality Policy: Document 822. Version 8