As an organisation AHCWA:​​

  • Supports the continued development of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

  • Leads the development of Aboriginal health policy

  • Influences and monitors performance across the health sector

  • Advocates for Aboriginal community development and;

  • Builds the capacity of the health workforce to improve the social, emotional and general health and well being of Aboriginal people.



There is a lot of worry and confusion in the community right now surrounding COVID-19.

Trust your gut instinct and ask


If you have a feeling that someone you know or care about isn’t doing too well, or perhaps they seem out of sorts, a bit more agitated or withdrawn, or they’re just not themselves.

By starting a conversation you could help a friend, family members or a workmate.

For more information on how to start that conversation, check out the R U OK website:

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COVID-19 Communique

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