The Birds and the BBVs

The Birds and the BBVs

AHCWA is delivering this training in partnership with Hepatitis WA and WAAC. Training funded by SHBBVP.

The Birds and the BBVs

The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus (SHBBV) Program is designed to develop policies and effective strategies, including training and health promotion, with the aim of decreasing the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Hepatitis C in Aboriginal Communities across Western Australia.

The Birds and the BBVs is a one or two day training course which aims to bring together Aboriginal Health workers and others who work with Aboriginal people. The course increases knowledge, skills and confidence in these individuals to yarn with their clients and their communities about the importance of STI, HIV and BBV testing; and identify ways to normalise the subject, and help break down the associated shame and stigma.

Go Along Philis is a new educational resource created to help raise awareness about the syphilis outbreak in Western Australia. This graphic flipchart can be used by health practitioners, health promotion workers and other community-based workers, and ordered free here or by emailing [email protected]

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More Information and Upcoming Training

For more information please contact AHCWA’s Training and Development Coordinator at [email protected] or call (08) 9227 1631

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