In 2016/17 it was identified that there is a lack of clarity across all levels the community about what health services are available, when they are available, and when they can be accessed. It was decided that the Aboriginal Health Council of WA, with funding from the WA Department of Health, would undertake the task of creating a tool to help with these issues. The Mappa project was born.

The Mappa Project Management team is now building a free-to-use online mapping tool that works to help all people and communities to better-access health services as close as possible to family, home and country.

By breaking down barriers and silos across the health sector to display travelling and outreach health service schedules no matter the funding body or organisation, people will be able to better-access services closer to home by using Mappa to find out where the next closest service is to any given town or community.

Mappa is being built through very strong consultation with the health sector, and the wider community. We are building Mappa in a way that will be simple enough for clinicians and other health service providers to use, alongside members of the general population.

While the Mappa project is still in its infancy, we are currently going through testing and scoping as we navigate through our hugely diverse health system to build a platform that is user-friendly for all people and communities.

We want to make Mappa the one-stop shop for health service and regional community information, as well as the go-to platform for organisations to display their visiting service / outreach schedules.

Mappa features strong aspects of cultural safety and appropriateness through aspects such as cultural notices, lore times, seasons, community access and travel notes, alternate community names, and language.

For any enquiries, please email or call AHCWA on 08 9227 1631 and ask to speak to a member of the Mappa team.

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