AHCWA has released its 2024-25 State Pre-Budget Submission

Investing in Aboriginal students, workforce and health services

Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA) has recently submitted its Pre-Budget Submission to the WA State Government in an effort to increase investment in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) and Aboriginal ways of working and achieving outcomes.

The initiatives in AHCWA’s 2024-2025 Pre-Budget Submission ensure funding is well-targeted to deliver significant benefits to Aboriginal communities across the State through:

  • Supporting current and future workforce and education challenges faced by ACCHS with support for Aboriginal Community Controlled Registered Training Organisations and clever recruitment options,
  • Investing in knowing ACCHS clinical, capital, and digital infrastructure as a foundation for running health services, and
  • Continued support for Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Family Domestic Violence programs that are culturally safe, locally delivered and designed in the community.

AHCWA Chairperson Vicki O’Donnell said AHCWA’s proposed budget initiatives will significantly strengthen the Aboriginal workforce to deliver comprehensive, holistic healthcare while continuing to close the health gap experienced by Aboriginal people and their communities.

“AHCWA’s submission allows the State to realise Aboriginal knowledge, expertise and self-determination to continue to achieve optimal outcomes and well-being for Aboriginal people and their communities across WA,” Vicki commented.

“Moreover, these initiatives align very clearly with many of the State Government’s important priorities and policy objectives,” Vicki continued.

The budget needs to empower ACCHS to develop and support the current and future Aboriginal workforce, deliver programs and services in safe and appropriate clinical settings, and support Aboriginal people in accessing and engaging in their health journey.

The stakes are too high, and the State needs to focus on achieving the Four Priority Reforms of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Many of the targets need to be on track, with some worsening. Collaboration with the Aboriginal Community Controlled sector is crucial. This will require genuine partnership, shared decision-making and a focus on delivering programs that will provide the highest value to achieve sustainable, long-term outcomes. View AHCWA’s 2024-2025 WA Pre-Budget Submission here.


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