Standing Together on January 26

AHCWA recognises that January 26 has a turbulent history. It marks the day of dispossession for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It has been acknowledged as a day of mourning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples long before it was recognised as a public holiday in 1994.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities rally on this day each year to push for change and acknowledgement of the loss of sovereignty, land rights, family and kinship, and the right to practice culture. AHCWA sees this as an opportunity to promote understanding, respect and reconciliation for us all.

As an employer of choice, AHCWA are proud to offer alternative options for staff to observe the January 26 public holiday, recognising that this date can be sensitive for some individuals and communities, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This includes providing options for staff to substitute the public holiday for another day, allowing them flexibility in choosing how they observe or commemorate this time, aligning with the organisation’s commitment to the highest standards of inclusivity, cultural safety and social and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

If you would like to learn more about the movement to change the date, have a look at Reconciliation WA’s resources here. These resources do not replace consultation with Traditional Owners of the land on which you live and work.

For social and emotional wellbeing resources and information visit NACCHO’s page here.

If you are interested in joining a rally, you will find some Boorloo events here.