Youth Program

Youth Committee 

The AHCWA Youth Committee is consisted of Indigenous Youth (between the ages of 18-29) members who come together to discuss current issues affecting young Aboriginal people across all the regions of Western Australia, and put forward ways to consider addressing these issues, to the Aboriginal Health Council of WA Board of Directors. The AHCWA Youth Committee members are also regularly provided with opportunities to contribute to and provide feedback on relevant policy and program development both on community level and government level.


The AHCWA Youth Committee also provides oversight, support and guidance for the implementation of the Western Australia Aboriginal Youth Health Strategy 2018-2023, Today’s young people, tomorrow’s leaders (Youth Strategy).


We meet 3 times per calendar year (in different locations around WA - most recent being in BROOME WA Friday August 2nd, and the next 2 meetings will be in Perth WA Friday November 1st and then BUNBURY WA January 31st 2020) with bi-monthly teleconference catch-ups.  There are no contracts to be on the committee.

Recent Achievements:
  • On behalf of the AHCWA Youth Committee, a representative presented a Keynote Presentation at the WANADA Aboriginal AOD State Conference in August 2019

  • Successful in appointing a Youth Program officer whose sole responsibility is to Implement the WA Aboriginal Youth Health  Strategy (employed by AHCWA) in May 2019

  • AHCWA Youth Committee delivered the Annual AHCWA Youth Conference in March 2019

Aboriginal Youth Health Strategy

The Western Australia Aboriginal Youth Strategy 2018-2023 represents a culmination of almost a decade of AHCWA’s dedicated leadership and advocacy in the area of Aboriginal youth health.  The Strategy was developed with and on behalf of the young Aboriginal people of Western Australia, and the families, communities and services that support and care for them.


The Strategy is specifically tailored for improving the health of young Aboriginal people, and in particular those living in Western Australia. Although intended for health service providers to improve ways of working with young Aboriginal people, any service provider can use the Strategy.


The Strategy titled, Today’s Young People, Tomorrows Leaders, is the voice, ideas, views and experiences of young Aboriginal people that are reflected in and underpin the Health Domains Areas, Key Priorities and the Strategic Actions.  Their stories are the Strategy, and without which, it could not have been developed.


The Strategy is a tool to bring us together in strategic action, by accentuating the rights of all young Aboriginal people to look to the future with cultural pride and strength, and to embrace life’s experiences, including the challenges, with optimism and resilience.


An evaluation Framework will support the implementation of the Strategy, providing a mechanism for accountability, transparency, flexibility and continuous improvement.  It will support the establishment of an evidence base and guide us in achieving the Strategic Actions of this Strategy.