Sector Support And Governance

Governance Support

AHCWA’s Business Development unit is focussed on business development, coordinating resources, building strategic relationships and monitoring compliance.

The Business Development team coordinates the sourcing of funds and submits project and program proposals on behalf of AHCWA and its Member Services. The team also prepares high-level briefing materials, program proposals and reports for management and stakeholders.

A range of services can be provided by the team to Member Services including:

  • Governance support e.g. constitution rule book reviews, governance systems review, strategic facilitation, risk management, skills development, executive dispute resolution, and succession planning.
  • Quality and governance management systems assistance e.g. systems establishment or review, accreditation support, interpretation of constitutions, board orientation manuals, templates for policies, procedures and forms
  • Funding e.g. grant applications, negotiation, evaluations, reporting, and templates
  • Contract management support e.g. risk assessments, reviews, connections to legal services and qualified consultants
  • Legislation compliance e.g. communicating changes and updates to compliance processes
  • Opportunities identification e.g. providing members with lists of available funding, resource and grant opportunities
  • Advocacy and representation of the WA ACCHS sector to government bodies and other non profit forums in relation to issues and trends affecting the ACCHS and/or provision of services to Aboriginal people and their communities

Initiatives take into account AHCWA’s and Member Services’ strategic goals, infrastructure, financing options and efficiencies to enhance value within with organisations and the sector.

For more information, contact the team via [email protected]