Aged Care Supports Program

Welcome to our Aged Care Supports Program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing aged care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Our program seamlessly integrates two key components: the Elder Care Support Program and the Home Care Workforce Program.

Through these intertwined programs, we strive to create a supportive environment where Indigenous elders receive culturally sensitive care while Indigenous individuals are empowered to pursue fulfilling careers in aged care, ultimately enhancing the well-being of our communities.

Our Home Care Workforce Program is dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce in remote and very remote Indigenous communities. We are committed to attracting, training, and retaining Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individuals in health-related qualifications. Our support includes facilitating access to training, providing ongoing mentorship from First Nations Officers, offering financial assistance for further education, and guiding candidates toward fulfilling career pathways within the aged care sector.

Our Elder Care Support Program is a holistic approach to improving aged care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. We focus on increasing engagement with the aged care system, ensuring culturally appropriate care is delivered on Country. Through this program, we strive to bolster the representation of Indigenous peoples within the aged care workforce and advocate for the voices of Indigenous aged care consumers. Our efforts include supporting member services in recruitment and retention, delivering tailored training, conducting sector analysis, fostering communities of practice, and advocating for Indigenous elders’ experiences to be heard by relevant authorities.