Corporate Services


The Corporate Services department provides key operational support and management in areas such as: ​​

  • Human Resources and Organisational Development

  • Finance & Accounts

  • Communications and Design

  • Information, Communication, Technology

  • Administrative Support

Human Resource & Organisational Development

The Human Resources and Organisational Development Team are committed to providing our Member Services with tailored and culturally appropriate HR and IR related services, advice and support.

Our aim is to provide our Members with high quality and cost effective HR support that strengthens and empowers their workforce to meet organisational objectives.

The Human Resources team can assist Members in:​

  • Recruitment and Selection - locums, fixed term and permanent placements

  • Job Design and Evaluation

  • Remuneration and Salary Banding

  • Employee Induction and Orientation

  • HR Audits and Compliance

  • Training and Professional Development

  • HR Policies, Procedures and Forms

  • Performance Management

  • Organisational Restructuring

  • Workforce Development & Succession Planning

  • Employee Relations

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Grievance and Dispute Management

  • Industrial Relations Advice


We also facilitate a state wide ACCHS HR Network, providing Member HR professionals and CEO’s with the opportunity to network and work collaboratively on HR and IR related issues, concerns and trends specific to our state.

To access further information, join the HR Network or request access to services please contact a member of the Human Resources Team at


Finance & Accounts

The Finance unit is responsible for the oversight of the organisations overall financial position, the processing of day to day transactions and ensuring compliance with both regulatory and funding bodies. This is performed through the monthly financial review process, the processing and payment of supplier and customer invoices and the preparation of audited annual financial report and acquittals.

In addition to the above, AHCWA can also provide support to Member Services for finance functions upon request. 


Examples of financial support which AHCWA provides to Member Services includes but is not limited to:

  • Review of financial policies and procedures;

  • The performance of internal audit engagements to address any issues identified.

  • The provision of payroll services. This ranges from low level support to the performance of the full payroll function.; and

  • Presentations on financial matters which impact the sector. Examples of topics include, Salary Packaging Benefits, High Level Accounting Issues.


Communications & Design

The Communications and Design team have strong backgrounds in different areas, which has allowed AHCWA to produce high quality documents through collation and development, artwork and design, and the inclusion of high quality images to create unique designs for all AHCWA documents.


The team are responsible for the development and design of several AHCWA publications including the monthly E-Bulletin, quarterly AHCWA News newsletter, and Annual Report. The team are also on hand to assist with the graphic design and promotional requirements of AHCWA.

The Communications & Design team can assist our Member Services by providing opportunities to raise the profile of Member Services through photography, design and publications (such as E-Bulletins, AHCWA newsletter, newspaper articles, AHCWA website, Facebook postings, etc.) 


The following services are currently offered to our Member Services:​

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Editing and Publishing Advice

The Communications and Design team also promote AHCWA and our Member Services through digital media, including the AHCWA website, Facebook and Twitter.

Information, Communication & Technology

The Information, Communication & Technology unit provides support for AHCWA’s ICT Infrastructure and participates in State and National level IT & Communications Management discussions in order to support Member Services.

The ICT Unit can assist Member Services in the following ways:​


  • General System Health Checks

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Office 365

  • Implementation of Backup Systems



  • General maintenance and security patches

  • Domain name and hosting procurement

  • Website Design and branding

  • Content/Feature updates



  • Network Security checks against best practices

  • Performance assessments

  • Firewall, Antispam & Antivirus Configuration & Monitoring

  • Web Filtering


Mobile Devices & Peripherals

  • Implementing Mobile Device Management

  • Managing mobile devices

  • Monitoring data usage

  • IT Equipment Procurement


  • Reviewing existing ICT Policies

  • Creating ICT Policies

  • Documentation of ICT Equipment and Procedures

  • Creation of end user guides

  • Creation of Tender Documents


Audits & General Support

  • IT System Audits

  • General ICT Support


AHCWA’s ICT Unit is also able to provide solutions for many other technical queries which Member Services may encounter.