SEWB, FDSV and CCC Newsletter, December 2023


Meet the AHCWA Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team

L to R: SEWB Program Manager – Rachel Radcliffe, SEWB Pilot Project Officer – Dawn Flanagan, Culture Care Connect Jurisdictional Coordinator – Harry McAnulty

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Since commencing in their new roles in May 2023 the SEWB Program Manager and Pilot Project Officer have continued coordinating the SEWB Governance Committee Meetings and monthly Community of Practice Meetings. Establishing partnerships and providing support to the SEWB Pilot Sites; Bega Garnbirringu Health Service, Derby Aboriginal Health Service, Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Southwest Aboriginal Medical Service and Wirraka Maya Health Service.

Stakeholder meetings between AHCWA, Mental Health Commission (MHC) and TIMHWB have continued and have been a valuable opportunity to advocate for the work being delivered by the SEWB teams within their communities.

The ACCHS SEWB Model of Service imbeds seven positions with cultural and clinical expertise; Clinical Lead (Mental Health Clinician), Cultural Lead (50D position), SEWB Workers (one male, one female, 50D positions), Qualified Counsellors (one male, one female) and Care Coordinators / Administration.

Implementing culturally secure services within Aboriginal Communities, ranging from Men’s and Woman’s Groups, advocating with Government agencies, developing referral pathways for clients and working with high risk individuals and families. As well as community engagement and events; R U OK Day, Mental Health Week, developing programs; such as out of prison support and many more services.

Conferences and Forums

The AHCWA SEWB Program Manager has attended a number of conferences/ forums presenting and promoting the SEWB Model of Service

  • Culture Care Connect Onboarding Workshop – June 2023
  • Lowitja International Health Conference – June 2023
  • SEWB Gathering in Darwin– Aug 2023
  • SEWB Summit Broome – July 2023
  • SEWB State Forum – Aug 2023
  • Journey to ending family and domestic violence – Sept 2023
  • WA Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference – Nov 2023

Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Pilot Program

AHCWA has been funded by Department of Communities (DoC) to undertake a pilot project which will be evaluated in consultation by Edith Cowen University and will support Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service, South West Aboriginal Medical Service, Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service, Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Ngangganawili Aboriginal Medical Service and Yura Yungi Aboriginal Medical Service

The AHCWA Team have been supporting the FDSV Program with the implementation of the Governance Committee and a Community of Practice.


We Al-li Trauma Informed Care and Practice: An Indigenous approach to developing worker skills.

This training provides key approaches to setting up and maintaining trauma-informed organisational structures.

AHCWA hosted two workshops in July and November under the FDSV Pilot.

Safe and Together Training

The Safe and Together Institute provided two online sessions around the S&T Model with our FDSV sites in September and November.

Culture Care Connect Program

NACCHO has been funded by the federal Department of Health to nationally coordinate the Culture Care Connect Program until 30 June 2025. This program is the first of its kind.

This funding supports:

  • establishment of up to 31 community-controlled suicide prevention networks
  • establishment of Community-controlled aftercare services in each network region
  • Jurisdictional suicide prevention planning and coordination within Affiliates
  • Community-controlled suicide prevention training, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid.

The Culture Care Connect (CCC) program brings together key streams of suicide prevention planning, coordination and activity across the network regions, including raising awareness, early intervention, crisis management and aftercare services. Community controlled suicide prevention networks (CCSPN) will be established across the country. Aftercare services will also be delivered by ACCHOs participating in a CCSPN, in partnership with existing regional mental health services.

The CCC Program at AHCWA will deliver:

  • Jurisdiction suicide prevention coordination, undertake service mapping, develop relationships, develop a jurisdictional suicide prevention plan which ensures alignment with state and national priorities/context, and outlines systemic or other changes to address barriers and opportunities across the state.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid delivery to the workforces participating in Suicide Prevention Networks.

The key outcomes of our CCC Program are:

  1. Safety Systems – Ensure, within our ability, that systems drive the best outcomes for strong social and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Strong Workforce – Program workforce are provided with the skills and supports they need.
  3. Aftercare Services – Each ACCHO within CCSPNs will be resourced to co-design and deliver trauma-aware, healing-informed aftercare services
  4. Monitor and Evaluate – All program components will be monitored and evaluated for continuous quality improvement. AHCWA and ACCHOs to ensure monitoring and evaluation is as helpful as possible, with limited burden.

The approach to program design, includes:

  • Increasing workforce and sector capability and capacity, through resourcing and supports
  • empowering Community and our Community-controlled sector to plan and coordinate suicide prevention services
  • Creating a shared language for how our Communities describe suicide prevention activities delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that can be reflected in our ongoing advocacy.
  • Promoting social and emotional wellbeing, through focussing on the cultural determinants of health that keep our people strong and resilient
  • Reducing stigma of suicide and ill mental health in our Communities and services.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing work and commitment in 2023. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Christmas.