SEWB Statewide Forum 2023

On August 15th-17th AHCWA in Partnership with KAMS held the first statewide SEWB conference of its kind at The Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle (Walyup).

100 attendees from across the state gathered to engage in workshops, networking, and to share their knowledge around SEWB. On day one we had the privilege of Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony at The Esplanade Park by Kevin Fitzgerald. Many valued presenters discussed a variety of topics such as Cultural Safety and Mental Health Services, Workforce Support Development Units Review, Patient-Centered Planning Guide, and The Yorgum Healing Camps. We heard from Professor Pat Dudgeon regarding Transforming Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing and Rama Igung Igusti on The Social Emotional Wellbeing Pilot Program Evaluation. Attendees also engaged in several workshops such as Narrative Walks Workshop, Trauma Informed Care Workshop, Art Therapy, Basket Weaving, and Men’s Yarning Circle.

On Wednesday night all attendees gathered for Dinner where we watched the Mathilda’s V England soccer game, enjoyed a meal and sang and danced to karaoke. It was incredible to see such a diverse, passionate, and empowered group of people gathered together with the intention of learning and connecting from one another. The feedback we have received from attendees was largely positive and most would like to see another state-wide forum happen again next year.