Immunisation Across Life Animation

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Immunisation across life

Top up your COVID-19 protection

Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care have released resources for the recent COVID-19 vaccine Top Up campaign.

Find some resources here.


Top up your COVID-19 protection

Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care have released resources for the recent COVID-19 vaccine Top Up campaign.

AHCWA Flu Campaign

AHCWA’s Flu Campaign can be found on the AHCWA Members Portal here, to help promote the uptake of the 2023 Flu Vaccine. If you require assistance accessing the Members Portal, please contact [email protected]

Yura Yungi Visit – JEV vaccine support

Japanese Encephalitis Virus was found for the first time in WA at the beginning of the year. Subsequently JEV vaccines are now being offered to populations in high risk areas (Kimberley and Pilbara). AHCWA acknowledged the importance of the additional JEV vaccinations and the workforce challenges experienced by our member services in rolling out additional vaccines.

In response to this, AHCWA offered support to member service Yura Yungi to provide JEV/Flu/Covid vaccinations to community. AHCWA RNs Veronica and Holly travelled to both Halls Creek and Ringer Soak. They worked closely with Yura Yungi to create a plan for vaccinations and outreach (which even included the Winnebago outside IGA!).

Over 35 vaccines were administered across the visit and many yarns were had to promote the importance of vaccination. Valuable time spent yarning with community about the importance of the vaccination as well as the prevention methods, extremely important work.

Veronica and Holly would like to express their gratitude to Yura Yungi for being so welcoming and kind; what a fantastic trip!

Benchmarque group’s FREE Webinar

You’re invited to Benchmarque group’s FREE Webinar:2023 Changes to the NIP: A New Paediatric Solution

Join this Free Webinar and learn about this new product solution, specific changes to the NIP, product features, advice on managing multiple hexavalent options, and how
this will impact you as an immunisation practitioner in Australia.

The webinar will be presented by Benchmarque Group Trainer, Nadine Henare. Nadine is part of our permanent trainer team based out of the Melbourne office. Nadine is a Nurse Practitioner with a particular interest in immunisation, obesity management, primary care, and aesthetic medicine. With a nursing career spanning over 25 years, Nadine has worked across various healthcare, educational and community settings.

There’s a new hexavalent vaccine in town, funded by the Australian Government specifically for paediatric patients. As part of the National Immunisation Program, there are now an increased number of treatment options in the market for immunisation.

During this webinar, Benchmarque Group will cover:
• What’s changing in the NIP?
• Details on the new hexavalent vaccine
• Indication and Administration
• Safety & Co-administration
• Key Product Features
• Product Availability
• Available educational materials.

The webinar will be available on three different dates so you can make sure you are
able to fit it into your busy schedule.
• Tuesday July 25th | 12pm – 1pm AWST
• Tuesday August 1st | 7pm-8pm AEST

Interested in attending? Just fill out one of the registration forms below for the date
you are interested in attending.

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Day 3

See you there!