Sexual Health and BBV Program Officer Veronica Walshe marks 10 years at AHCWA

AHCWA’s Sexual Health and BBV Program Officer Veronica Walshe has been recognised for 10 years of dedicated service to the organisation, a decade during which she has excelled at delivering skilled training and health promotion to communities across the State.

A registered nurse and midwife and specialist clinical trainer, Veronica has held several roles during her tenure at AHCWA which have supported our Member Services through the delivery of face to face and online education and training. Responsive to the needs of AHCWA’s Member Services, her Sexual Health and BBV Team provide culturally appropriate information and resources around STIs and BBVs and offer support with Point of Care Testing.

Veronica’s strong knowledge of her field, her passion for Aboriginal health and her ability to engage her audience and build rapport with whomever she meets make her naturally gifted at increasing health workers’ skills and confidence to yarn with their clients and community about sexual health.

Her ‘no shame’ approach to learning has worked to increase sexual health literacy amongst both clinicians and community over many years, exploring barriers to good sexual health and proactively responding to the unique needs of each region and service to ensure best practice, culturally appropriate information and care for clients.

Veronica’s wit and creativity have been pivotal in the development of a wealth of brilliant training resources and programs tailored to the unique needs of Western Australia’s communities, and her aptitude for change and flexibility have enabled AHCWA’s Sexual Health and BBV training programs to be responsive and continue to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Above and beyond her formal training and health promotion work, Veronica has been a great mentor to a number of AHCWA staff –  a credit to her personal warmth and vast experience.  Throughout significant periods of change during her tenure at AHCWA, Veronica has always demonstrated humour, integrity and dedication to her work.

Drawing on her clinical excellence and all she has gained during her various roles across her tenure at AHCWA, Veronica has proudly and confidently stepped up to lead the Sexual Health and BBVs Team for the last two years.

We are grateful to have Veronica as the face of AHCWA’s Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Program and are proud to recognise her today.