The AHCWA Young Leaders program aims to provide education about youth health issues and support young Aboriginal people (aged 12 to 25 years) to encourage their peers to engage in healthy behaviours.

Once trained, the Young Leaders are supported to be peer educators and pass on what they have learnt to other young people in their communities.  The peer educators will be supported to organise and deliver health promotion activities and events in their communities, based on their knowledge of what local young people want and need.

Course Information

Young Leaders training will take place over one to two days (depending on the size of the group) and will provide Young Leaders with information about how to encourage their peers to engage in healthy behaviours and access relevant services.  The focus will be health issues that mostly affect young people – namely: ​

  • healthy relationships

  • sexual health, blood-borne viruses

  • alcohol and other drugs 

  • mental health and social and emotional wellbeing. 

How is the training conducted

The Young Leaders program is delivered over one to two days in participating sites. Delivery can be adapted to suit the participating site. Delivery is offered in the Perth Metropolitan area, as well as regional and remote areas.


Program delivery will be age appropriate and to groups of similar ages. The age groups are:

•           12 – 14 years

•           15 – 17 years

•           18 - 25 years​


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About the Young Leaders Logo

The sapling represents the fact that today’s young people will one day grow to become tall trees in their community.  The sapling comes from the land and draws strength through its roots – culture, family, history and lore.  The leaves of the sapling represent the main issues affecting young people – mental health, alcohol and drugs, relationships and sexual health/blood-borne viruses.