Training and Development Centre

AHCWA’s Training and Development Centre has been consolidated to include several programs that focus on the training and development of health professionals within the health care setting. These programs are aimed at improving service delivery to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community.


Below are some of the cources that are offered by AHCWA at the Training and Development Centre:

  • Certificate IV in ATSI Primary Health Care Work

  • Ear Health Skill set

  • AHW training in Cert IV

  • Immunisation training

  • Sexual Health Training

AHCWA charges fees in accordance to the Department of Training Workforce Development VET Fees Charges and policies
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Cultural Safety Training


AHCWA has been delivering Cultural Safety Training (CST) since 2005 to various stakeholders within Australia. It is nationally accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). The training also carries Quality Improvement & Continuing Professional Development (QI & CPD) points on completion of each module.

There is a total of five CST Modules. Module 1 is compulsory prior to obtaining any QI & CPD points. After completing Module 1, the participant can then choose one of the remaining modules.

Cultural Safety Training aims to improve the quality of service delivered by health care providers. Ultimately, CST should lead to better health outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. Of the five modules the first two are the main modules delivered and over the past 12 months CST has been delivered to 279 people (Module 1 and/or Module 2) to the following services:


• AHCWA staff and AHW students.
• Bentley Armadale Medicare Local (BAML) staff and member GPs
• WA Country Health Service (WACHS)
• South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS)
• Wirraka Maya Health Service (Pt. Hedland / Newman)
• Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service (OVAHS)


WA General Practitioner Education and Training (WAGPET)


A major component of WAGPET is to promote the benefits of becoming an Indigenous Health Training Post and work with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to meet the Australian General Practitioner Education and Training criteria.


Currently there are nine Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations within Western Australia that are accredited Indigenous Health Training Posts. This is an important mechanism for training General Practitioner registrars in Aboriginal health and increasing the ability of mainstream services to address the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


The other major component of is education. This education is offered in the form of sessions provided to General Practitioner registrars and the development of promotional resources.


Sexual Health Training


AHCWA’s Workforce Development team, in partnership with Sexual and Reproductive Health WA, currently offers training in sexual health to Member Services. Great emphasis is placed on building workforce knowledge, skills and confidence to routinely offer Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing to Aboriginal people aged 15-35 yrs.

AHCWA and SRHWA currently deliver a three day sexual health training titled Sexual Health in Practice (SHiP) for AHWs which is aligned with the two sexual health elective units within the Cert IV in Aboriginal Primary Health Care Practice.

The first day of the SHiP training program consists of a standalone one day training session called STIs and Routine Testing (STaRT). The suggestion of this stand alone training came from feedback from Member Services that it was difficult to release clinical staff for three days. The aim of this one day training is to increase knowledge, skills and confidence for AHWs to offer STI testing for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas.


SHiP training (which includes the one day STaRT) provides knowledge, skills and confidence to engage clients in conversation about sexual health; conduct opportunistic STI testing; motivate clients to make positive choices relating to relationships and sexual health; and provide support and referrals for clients with a sexual health concern. To obtain competency for the sexual health electives participants are required to attend both STaRT and SHiP.




The AHCWA Immunisation Program was developed in partnership with the Communicable Disease Control Directorate. It aims to increase the immunisation rate of Aboriginal children by, firstly, training Aboriginal Health Workers to immunise and, secondly to promote immunisation within the community with culturally appropriate resources.

The program was piloted in the metro area in 2014 and saw five AHWs complete the training. Those AHWs have now commenced immunising within the clinics they are employed in. In early 2015 the training was delivered in Port Hedland where four AHWs completed the training. The training has received a large number of enquiries and will be delivered in the metro area in August and the Kimberley in September 2015.

The AHCWA Immunisation brochure and bibs and jumpsuits are included in the Deadly Families packs developed by AHCWA. These were distributed through the partnership with the Women’s and Newborn Hospital and Aboriginal Maternity Support Services Unit (AMSSU), Mums and Bubs groups, WACHS and some of the ACCHSs throughout the state.