Come Yarn about Healthy Bodies and Healthy Relationships – Wiluna

On Monday, 27th and Tuesday 28th June AHCWA's Sexual Health team, in partnership with Ngangganawili Aboriginal Health Service, delivered a one-and-a-half day workshop called 'Come Yarn about Healthy Bodies and Healthy Relationships' in Wiluna.

Attended by 14 youth aged between 12-16, as well as two staff members and two community members, the workshop created a space for yarning through fun activities and games. Topics raised included respectful relationships, consent, LGBTQIA +, STIs and BBVs; and most young people reported feeling comfortable to talk openly.

The final session was an opportunity to hear from the Wiluna youth about ways that would encourage young people to have a STI or BBV test. Among the feedback from Wiluna young people were suggestions to promote testing more, hold bush trips and boys group nights and girls group nights where it was discussed, and to have presentations on testing facilitated by people their own age (peer to peer education).

Feedback from participants and staff at NAHS was very positive and has identified a follow up workshop to be valuable. A plan is in place for the AHCWA Sexual Health team to visit Wiluna again later in the year and co deliver a workshop with young peers identified from this workshop.

If you would like to host something similar at your service, please email Veronica Walshe.

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