CMSAC back on track with new General Manager and board members

The Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation is back on track after appointing a new General Manager and three new board members.

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA had to step in to take over management of CMSAC after it fell into financial difficulty under the management of its previous CEO Shane Van Styn, who was removed from his position.

A full independent audit of CMSAC’s finances has now been finalised for the 2015 financial year and the board, regulators and funders are now confident that the organisation is financially stable.

“AHCWA and CMSAC have worked hard to ensure that the finances were put back in order to allow the auditor to do its job,” said AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox.

“We are now all confident that CMSAC is in a good position moving forward and can not only continue to deliver services effectively, but expand into the future.”

CMSAC held its AGM on the 24th of February, during which board members Maria Poland and Camillia Thorne were re-elected.

Chairperson Susan Oakley was not up for re-election and remains in her position.

Three new board members Gail Bellotti, Margaret Stewart, Nora Mallard were also elected.

Board member Rhodda Capewell chose not to run due to family reasons.

AHCWA has also appointed a new General Manager, Tammy Bundle from the Yuin Nation at Wallaga Lake in NSW.

“We are very confident that there is now stability and unity within the board and management at CMSAC and we look forward to working with them to ensure the organisation now returns its focus to service delivery,” said Ms Nelson-Cox.

“CMSAC is entering a new era of transparency and consultation with the local community to ensure it meets expectations.

“A clinical review will also begin at the end of April to ensure that CMSAC is delivering services as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

Ms Nelson-Cox said four separate forensic audits into CMSAC’s financials were still continuing.

AHCWA will retain responsibility for CMSAC’s funding agreements until 2018, when they will be handed back to local control.

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