Unfair dismissal claim against CMSAC discontinued

The Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation (CMSAC) has received notification from Fair Work Australia that its former CEO has discontinued his claim for unfair dismissal against the organisation.

Shane Van Styn was removed from his position in June last year and the financial position of the organisation is still under review.

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA has stepped in to ensure

services at CMSAC continue, despite the loss of its CEO.

AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox said an interim audit conducted last year picked up serious financial issues, and a subsequent independent audit recommended urgent cost cutting measures be implemented.

“AHCWA and the Directors of CMSAC are continuing their investigation into the incorrect reporting of the finances of the organisation by the former CEO,” she said.

“The Directors want to reassure clients and members that CMSAC has received confirmation of support to continue the provision of services.

“The Directors continue to seek ways to improve the efficiency of the service, whilst not compromising the high level of healthcare service delivery.”

Ms Nelson-Cox said CMSAC had always been confident that the termination of Mr Van Styn's employment was in all ways fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

“The Directors are pleased the unfair dismissal claim has been discontinued so that they can concentrate on ensuring culturally appropriate medical services are provided to Aboriginal people in the Carnarvon area,” she said.

“AHCWA will also continue to work with CMSAC’s remaining directors and staff, with the aim of building a strong and stable organisation that can meet the health needs of Aboriginal people now and into the future.”

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