AHCWA hopeful new federal assistant health minister will make Aboriginal health a priority

September 22, 2015


The Aboriginal Health Council of WA is hopeful the new Assistant Health Minister will
make Aboriginal health and closing the gap a priority.

Ken Wyatt was the first Indigenous Australian elected to the Lower House and has now
made history by being the first Indigenous frontbencher in federal parliament.

AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox said the appointment of Mr Wyatt was a good
sign that the government was prepared to take Aboriginal health seriously.

“Successive governments have made very slow progress in closing the gap, and the life
expectancy for Aboriginal people is still 10 years lower than the general population,” she

“We are very confident that Mr Wyatt, as an Aboriginal person with a long history
working in health before entering politics, will have a better understanding of the issues
facing Aboriginal people’s health and wellbeing.

“AHCWA and the Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs) in WA very much look forward to
working with Mr Wyatt to ensure AMSs continue to deliver culturally appropriate health
services across WA.”

Ms Nelson-Cox said AHCWA would seek a meeting with Mr Wyatt to bring him up to
date on the health needs of Aboriginal people in WA.

“We really hope that Mr Wyatt can make sure that the health of Aboriginal people is
made a priority for the decision-makers in Canberra,” she said.

“We hope that this will be a new era of collaboration in the health sector and will result in
better decisions and better outcomes for the health of Aboriginal people”.

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