Services continue at Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA has stepped in to ensure services at the Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation continue, despite the loss of its CEO.

The CEO was removed in June and the financial position of the organisation is still under review. An independent audit has recommended urgent cost cutting measures be implemented, and five staff members have been made redundant in order for CMSAC to remain solvent and continue to provide services.

AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox said half of CMSAC’s board had retained their positions, which would provide stability to the organisation.

“The remaining directors and staff are working very hard to minimise any impact on patients,” she said.

“CMSAC is a vital instrument in delivering medial services to Aboriginal people in the Carnarvon area, and everything possible is being done to ensure it continues to deliver those services.”

Ms Nelson-Cox said despite this effort, there would be some disruption to dental services, however AHCWA was working with the WA Department of Health on a temporary plan.

“It is AHCWA’s role to support our member service through this difficult process, and we will continue to take advice from the independent auditor on how best to do this,” she said “AHCWA will also continue to work with CMSAC’s remaining directors and staff, with the aim of building a strong and stable organisation that can meet the health needs of Aboriginal people now and into the future.

“It is important that Aboriginal people in the Carnarvon area continue to have access to medical services that are culturally appropriate, and we will do everything we can to ensure that happens.” Ms Nelson-Cox said the previous CEO had launched an unfair dismissal claim that AHCWA would vigorously defend.

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