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The Birds and the BBVs Training

The Birds and the BBVs is a one or two day training course which aims to bring together Aboriginal Health Workers and others who work with Aboriginal people to increase their knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to yarn with clients and community about why testing for STIs, HIV and BBVs is important and identify ways to normalise testing within a routine health check.

After the training participants will be able to:

  • Outline key information about the consequences, modes of transmission, symptoms, treatment and prevention of STIs, HIV and BBVs

  • Discuss the impact of STIs, HIV and BBVs on Aboriginal people and communities

  • Identify at risk groups who should be offered testing for STIs and/or HIV and BBVs

  • Identify when to refer clients who require a full Sexual Health Assessment

  • Discuss the importance of incorporating opportunistic testing for STIs, HIV and BBVs into routine health care

  • Raise the topic of having a STI and /or HIV and BBV test to clients who present to the Aboriginal Medical Service for another reason

  • ​Gain informed consent for STI, HIV and BBV testing

  • Explain what happens when a client has a positive result, including treatment, referral, contact tracing and follow-up

  • Identify strategies to overcome challenges to opportunistic STI, HIV and BBV testing

  • Raise awareness of harm minimisation strategies to reduce the risk of Hep C and HIV through unsafe injecting drug use including where and how to access NSP in the local community

  • Refer clients for further care and support if an issue arises beyond their scope of practice

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