National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers choice and control to eligible people with a permanent and significant disability (intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial) to choose reasonable and necessary supports that will enable them to attain their goals and aspirations.

NDIS funded supports are tailored to help participants live a normal life. Supports are aimed to help participants achieve their goals and aspirations as identified in the NDIS plan.

NDIS Programs at AHCWA

NDIS Business Solutions

The NDIS Business Solutions program is a state based initiative facilitated by AHCWA, funded by the WA Department of Communities. The project will focus on working closely with WA ACCHS that are NDIS registered providers and members of AHCWA to identify systemic efficiencies and inefficiencies in delivering NDIS services.

Support Coordination Supports

The NDIS Support Coordination program is a state-based initiative facilitated by AHCWA, funded by the WA Department of Communities. The project aims to develop training resources and materials for developing and expanding the skills and knowledge of Support Coordinators working in the WA ACCHS/ACCO sector to provide holistic, culturally safe services.

Client Management Systems (CMS) Project

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Client Management Systems project derived from the need to support ACCHS’ delivering NDIS services without a NDIS specific platform. The project was a joint venture between AHCWA and Keogh Bay People to support ACCHS in Western Australia.

The project saw a CMS expert identify ACCHS’ specific needs and recommend suitable CMS product that:

  • record NDIS client information, NDIS plan information and produce reports needed for service management and operation; and
  • consider the integration needs of organisations including with primary health care, finance, workforce and/ or other systems; and
  • Meet any other service needs identified by organisations.

As part of the CMS project a generalised selection and recommendations report has been created. Organisations are eligible to request a copy of this.

Demand Exploration Project

The demand exploration project originated to aid WA ACCHS make informed decision about the risks and opportunities associated with entering the NDIS provider space. The project is constructed to cover the following key domains:

  • Overview of the NDIS
  • Organisational Characteristics
  • External factors
  • Detailed demand analysis and;
  • Cost of entry into market

Information and data available through the NDIA reports, forecasts, DSS demand data, ABS and peer-reviewed articles will be the basis of the presentation and report. Participation in the Demand exploration project is free of costs for AHCWA member services.

WA ACCHS/ACCOS NDIS Support Coordination Community of Practice

As part of the Support Coordination program, AHCWA facilitates the Support Coordination Community of Practice.  The purpose of the CoP is to create a platform for Support Coordinators from Western Australian ACCHS and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to:

  • Build their capacity through professional development opportunities and peer support,
  • Ensure Support Coordinators are not operating in isolation and remain connected to contemporary practice in the delivery of Support Coordination.

The overall objective is to improve the capacity of Support Coordinators to deliver optimal, high-quality Support Coordination services to people with disability, their families and carers and to ensure people with disability have meaningful choice and control of the services and supports received.

If you meet the eligibility to participate in this project, please complete the following survey to register your interest for the Community of Practice.

NDIS Marketing Project

The project aims to enable WA ACCHS/ACCOs that are AHCWA members and engaged in NDIS service provision to effectively market themselves in a competitive and informative manner.

The project will:

  • Identify and Map (or update) current service delivery domains of WA ACCHS/ACCOS
  • Identify and Map current marketing strategies used by WA ACCHS/ACCOS
  • Identify industry-relevant proven marketing strategies and interventions
  • Create resources, tools and packages based on proven marketing strategies and mediums to enable WA ACCHS/ACCOS to better promote their services
  • Assist in the implementation of resources, tools and packages created as part of the Marketing project.
  • Comprehensive evaluation

If you meet the eligibility to participate in this project, please complete the following survey to ensure your voice is heard.

If you would like further information about the scope of any of the above projects and eligibility, please contact NDIS Team for further information.

Tools and Resources

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For Additional Information

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