In 2013 the AHCWA Five Year Strategic Plan was endorsed by all the membership.


Three key performance goals were identified:


​1. Advancing Aboriginal Health


We want to play an integral part in improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people, their families and communities.


During strategic planning, AHCWA member services identified the areas that are a priority to make this happen:


Maternal and child health: better outcomes are crucial to closing the gap.


Oral and dental health: poor oral hygiene has been shown to impact on other health issues such as renal and heart valve disease. There has also been links with premature births.


Education and intervention as well as better access to both urgent and non-urgent dental treatment will improve outcomes in this area.


Mental health: reforms in the West Australian mental health system will provide potential opportunities for the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health


Sector to engage directly with the Mental Health Commission. This will allow the chance to influence policy and strengthen mental health services for Aboriginal people.


2. Doing business better


We want to improve business performance within AHCWA and for our member services. We are aiming to provide additional support to our member services to meet their expectations because we are here for them and to help them provide the best service to their communities.


3. Influencing policy decisions


We want to improve the collaboration between government, health bodies and the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector to make sure our sector benefits from structural reforms.

About Us

Support, lead, influence, advocate and build.

As an organisation AHCWA:​​

  • Supports the continued development of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

  • Leads the development of Aboriginal health policy

  • Influences and monitors performance across the health sector

  • Advocates for Aboriginal community development and;

  • Builds the capacity of the health workforce to improve the social, emotional and general health and well being of Aboriginal people.

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