Health, Corporate & Business Development

The Health, Corporate & Business Development unit is comprised of the following arms:

  • Sector Engagement & Governance

  • Quality & Compliance

  • Public Health & CQI

  • Policy, Advocacy & Strategy

  • Mappa Team


Sector Engagement & Governance

The Sector Engagement & Governance unit guides and ensures AHCWA:

  • Lays solid foundations for management and oversight;

  • Builds Executive and Board transparency and accountability;

  • Reviews the Constitution / Rule Book;

  • Ensures accountability to Member Services through the Board of Directors;

  • Helps structure the Board of Directors to add value;

  • Promotes ethical and responsible decision-making & contracts;

  • Encourages integrity in financial reporting;

  • Respects the rights of Member Services and stakeholders;

  • Recognising and managing risks;


On the contracts side, the unit coordinates the sourcing of funds and submits project or program proposals on behalf of the organisation; as well as prepares high level briefing materials and reports for Executive Management.

Sector Engagement & Governance can assist Members in:​

Governance Support:

​The AHCWA Governance Team objective is to assist our ACCHS Board Members with proactive measures, becoming more aware about their rights and responsibilities, including areas of fiduciary duties and understanding financial reports.


The AHCWA Governance Team can work closely with the Board of Directors of each Member Service to educate, support and empower them in their roles, including implementing new policies and procedures to minimise risks and increase Board awareness, by assisting member Services with action plans and implementation, as well as advising on risk management strategies.


The AHCWA Governance team is also responsible for providing full administrative requirements to the Board.

This includes:

  • Coordinating AHCWAs Board of Directors’ meetings and correspondence;

  • Coordinating AHCWAs Member Service CEO Network meetings and correspondence;

  • Coordinating the management of events, such as the annual WA Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector Conference;

  • All other administrative tasks as required.


Contracts Support:

AHCWA can provide our Member Services with advice relating to the preparation and submission of grant applications, including the provision of a monthly grant list bulletin.


Quality & Compliance

The Quality and Compliance team can assist our Member Services to:

  • Develop, implement and review quality, compliance and safety activities in accordance with legislative and accreditation standards and consistent with the organisation’s strategic objectives;

  • Develop, implement and maintain effective Quality Management Systems;

  • Maintain compliance with Australian Law and Accreditation Standards;

  • Develop, implement, review and evaluate an effective risk management framework relevant to the needs of the organisation;

  • Oversee the implementation of internal policy changes; and

  • Encourage quality improvements across the whole organisation.

Public Health & CQI

The focus of the Public Health and CQI unit is:

  • To provide evidence based public health advice;

  • Assist member services to build and strengthen their clinical capacity by:

  • Reviewing and assisting in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Action Plans and activities, and by supporting Member Service’s CQI leaders in all areas of CQI activities;​

  • Clinical Governance and Systems Reviews, including providing clinical guidelines;​

  • Assistance with preparation for Clinical Accreditation surveys;​

  • Assisting to achieve National Key Performance Indicators;​

  • Assisting to achieve Commonwealth & State Reporting assistance and other data reporting requirements;​

  • Providing Clinical Audits and Benchmarking;

  • Providing Medicare Reviews and refresher workshops;​

  • Providing Clinical legislation changes and updates;​

  • Developing health related resources;​

  • Maintaining the Resource Portal with relevant educational modules with various topics as requested by Member Service staff for their access and upskilling.


This work unit advocates for, and strengthens the capacity of Member Services to plan, manage and deliver a number of key contractual health key performance indicators. These initiatives are determined by evidence and aim to improve health and quality of life through the prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions, diseases and conditions surveillance and the promotion of health behaviours.  The Public Health and CQI unit ensures that our sector is consulted on, and engaged in, matters of Public Health importance to Aboriginal people in WA; with AHCWA taking the lead role where necessary.


The Public Health and CQI unit are currently partnering with the Communicable Disease Control Directorate of WA and WACHS to contain the current syphilis outbreak.  AHCWA support WACHS with trachoma elimination and AHCWA will be taking the lead on water quality in remote communities. AHCWA also provide expert input into the development of government policies around non communicable diseases (chronic disease, mental health, FASD etc).

Support from the Public Health and CQI Team can be through general phone and email support, site visits, and teleconferencing / videoconferencing.

Policy, Advocacy & Strategy

AHCWA’s Policy, Advocacy and Strategy team is committed to ensuring that the voices of Member Services and their communities are heard by those who influence and develop health related policy at regional, State and Federal levels; and by those who will decide the future funding for the ACCH Sector, and for Aboriginal Health.


The Policy, Advocacy and Strategy team has the following functions at its core:

  • listen to the concerns of the ACCH sector, and then take these issues up with relevant departments and members of Parliament;

  • react to changes or proposed changes in policy affecting Aboriginal health, with anything from meetings with key decision-makers through to written submissions or even giving in-person evidence at Parliamentary inquiries; and

  • manage AHCWA’s communications with external stakeholders, using culturally appropriate language, material and design.


The Policy, Advocacy and Strategy team can assist Members in:

  • Developing relevant policy submissions, briefing papers and other written submissions to regional, state and  Federal departments regarding the ACCHSs and / or the ACCH Sector; and

  • providing an avenue for feedback and direction into various forums from Member Services and their communities.

Both the Mappa and Ethics programs sit under the Workforce & Health Programs umbrella and more information can be located under the ‘Services’ TAB on the AHCWA website or by clicking on the following links: