MILESTONES 2013-2014

Strategic Plan: endorsed


The AHCWA Strategic Plan was endorsed by the membership, which is an exciting milestone for us as we now have a strong plan that sets out what we need to focus on for the next five years.


Twenty health and business priority areas were identified that broadly fell into two categories: sector driven internal priorities and externally driven priorities. A majority fell into sector driven. These included maternal and child health, oral health and dentistry, data sharing policies, risk management, leadership and youth and capacity growth. Out of this we identified three key performance goals for AHCWA: Advancing

Aboriginal Health, Doing Business Better and Influencing Policy Decisions.


More staff, more programs and new premises


We have grown significantly this year, in terms of programs and staff, thanks to increased funding. We found new premises, achieved accreditation, supported our members and added a youth component to our annual State Sector Workshop.


AHCWA accredited


In November 2012 our organisation was assessed and gained QIC Accreditation. This was a significant milestone that took a major effort and commitment from our Board of Directors to adopt and maintain best practice standards continually.


Building partnerships


Through the development of the Aboriginal Health ResearchNetwork, AHCWA has been building our research agenda in partnership with key stakeholders (ACCHOs, Universities,Government and non-Government Organisations).


This will help develop the capacity of Aboriginal communities to contribute to improvements and maintenance of their own health and wellbeing.