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AHCWA’s Training and Development (T&D) Centre is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provides access to the following training and programs:



Short courses are also offered to enhance the capacity of the existing ACCHS workforce. Examples of these may include:



The AHCWA T&D Centre is an important business unit of AHCWA and was established to ensure that our affiliate Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) have the capacity to deliver appropriate services to meet the needs of their communities.


The AHCWA Board of Directors has endorsed four strategic training and development objectives for the T&D Centre. They are:


1. Increase the number of Aboriginal health professionals who possess qualifications relevant to the needs of clients serviced by ACCHSs.

2. To promote the role of the Aboriginal Health Worker.

3. Provide professional development opportunities to non-Aboriginal health professionals working with Aboriginal clients, families and communities.

4. Develop the professional skills of Managers, Supervisors, and Finance Administrators working within ACCHSs.


The AHCWA T&D Centre is committed to the improvement of Aboriginal health. Its overarching philosophy is:

“To enhance workforce capacity to enable service delivery to better meet the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community by providing culturally appropriate training and development.”


Principles that form the basis of our Centre are:


Capacity Building

We acknowledge the importance of building on existing capacity developed through skills and knowledge obtained through training, on the job learning and life experience.


Community Development and Participation

We encourage the participation in and ownership of health service delivery by the community.


Cultural Security

We will ensure that all training is delivered in a manner which encompasses Aboriginal values and visions. We will also advocate with other services to ensure that their service delivery upholds the cultural rights of the Aboriginal community.


The qualifications that the T&D Centre develops and delivers are nationally accredited and recognised courses offered from within National Training Packages.


For more information on the individual training courses and programs, please click on the ‘Training Courses’ tab on our website.


Both the Youth Program and the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (known as TIS) program sit under the Workforce & Health Programs umbrella and more information can be located under the ‘Services’ TAB on the AHCWA website or by clicking on the following links:


Tackling Indigenous Smoking

Youth Program