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Call for changes to funding priorities in Aboriginal health

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA has called on the major political parties to commit to changing spending priorities in Aboriginal health. The Council wants whichever party wins the upcoming election to redirect health spending to prevention, promotion, early intervention and community-based services, and to commit to more consultation with Aboriginal people on health issues. “Investing in community-based services is proven to deliver healthier communities and substantial long-term cost savings,” said AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox. “Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHs) understand the communities they operate in, and are able to offer culturally sensitive care, w

AHCWA hopes new federal Minister will make closing the gap a priority

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA is hopeful the new Minister for Indigenous Health will make closing the gap a priority. Ken Wyatt was the first Aboriginal Australian elected to the Lower House and has now made history by being the first Aboriginal person appointed to the Commonwealth ministry. AHCWA Chairperson Michelle Nelson-Cox said the promotion of Mr Wyatt was a good sign that the government was prepared to take Aboriginal health seriously. “Successive governments have made very slow progress in closing the gap, and the life expectancy for Aboriginal people is still 10 years lower than the general population,” she said. “We are very confident that Mr Wyatt, as an Aboriginal person w

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