It’s Summer Time!


Simon says, its summer time and that also means its swimming time.

Sometimes this can be a bit tricky for some kids because they have had ear infections and now they have grommets in their ears. 


Simon says, did you know that you can still swim….even with the grommets in?  But, it is very important to keep the water out of your ears after an operation.  You can do this by using ear wraps, a swimming cap or ear plugs.


Check out the latest resource in the Simon Says series, as Simon and the gang help you get back into the water, so you can have fun swimming again.




At AHCWA we are committed to assist and train Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers (AHW’s) and other health professionals to provide optimal ear health care within their communities. The primary focus of the training is to build the capacity of the AHW’s and other health professionals to successfully achieve the Ear Health Training Certificate.

Upon completion of the ear health training, graduates will have developed a knowledge and understanding of ear and hearing issues, initiating change innovatively for ear health promotion, education, ear screening and implementing strategies to improve or manage ear health problems.

Course Information

The ear and hearing training encompasses the following units of competency set out by the Commonwealth criteria:

HLTAHW025: Provide information and strategies in hearing and ear health

HLTAUD002: Assess and respond to occupational noise risk

HLTAUD003: Conduct play audiometry


The criteria sets out elements and performance criteria for each of these units and we have incorporated all requirements within the AHCWA training which includes:

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the ear

  • Knowledge of Hearing & Hearing loss

  • Extensive knowledge of ear infections, signs & symptoms, effects, treatment and Specialist referrals

  • Organisation standards/policies and procedures/Communication, Confidentiality & Documentation – Interpreting results & recording

  • Risk factors & Social determinants contributing to ear problems

  • Health Promotion & Strategies to prevent and minimise ear conditions

  • Knowledge of ear health screening & ear services available in communities

  • Basic knowledge in preparing for ear screening

  • Ear screening for hearing loss, the techniques, appropriate use of equipment using:

  • Otoscope/video otoscope, ear irrigation & tissue spearing/Tympanometry/Audiometry


Practical Assessments include ear screening for both Adults and children during the course of training or on the job.

How is the training conducted

The Ear Health training course is delivered over 2 x one week blocks at AHCWA’s head office and we also offer comprehensive ear health training opportunities at Regional Centres throughout WA.

Upcoming Training

Due to high demand and interest for training, this is worked around Services dates & times which is convenient.


For more information or to register your interest, contact reception at AHCWA on (08) 9227 1631 or email or