Office of the CEO


AHCWA’s governance, member engagement and consultation initiatives are carried out to support our Member Services with corporate governance issues. The team empowers Member Services’ Boards of Directors to fully understand their roles and maintain governance compliance.


As a measure to support this, AHCWA has initiated Board Governance Training and one-on-one consultative workshops with boards to implement uniform organisational accreditation and standard board orientation manuals.


Policy, Advocacy and Strategy

The Policy, Advocacy and Strategy Work Unit is responsible advocacy around relevant issues affecting the ACCHS Sector on behalf of Member Services. This is achieved through meetings with relevant teams, Members of Parliament and via written submissions. A Sector Engagement Officer supports all Regional Aboriginal Health Planning Forums and provides a strategic link between AHCWA, Member Services and key stakeholders from the wider sector.

Closing the Gap Social Services

A new work unit has been developed aligned with the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and governments work together to overcome entrenched inequality experienced by these groups and achieve life outcomes equal to that of non-Indigenous Australians.