Business Development


AHCWA’s Business Development Work Group consists of two distinct work units; Business Development and Compliance and Mappa.


Business Development and Compliance

The Business Development and Compliance work unit focuses on business development and strategy, providing support to the organisation and members with grant applications, contracting, negotiation and reporting. The unit also manages all funding and submissions to key funding bodies, supporting future infrastructure, financing options and assisting with initiatives to drive efficient costs and enhance value for money within the organisation. The Business Development and Compliance unit is responsible for supporting the organisation to maintain quality, safety, risk, compliance and governance systems and providing quality and governance support to Member Services upon request.

The Western Australia Aboriginal Heath Ethics Committee is one of three Aboriginal-specific Human Research Ethics Committees in Australia and has been established to promote and support quality research that will be reflective of the needs of the community. AHCWA’s Human Research Ethics Officer is also part of the Business Development and Compliance unit, and works to effectively monitor ethically sound and culturally appropriate research, determine research priorities, and ensure there are benefits for Aboriginal people.



Mappa is a free-to-use online mapping tool that works to help people and communities better access health services as close as possible to family, home and Country. Mappa has been built through strong consultation and engagement with AHCWA’s Member ACCHS, the health sector and the wider community