Public Health and CQI


The Public Health and CQI work unit provides support to AHCWA’s Member Services in areas of continuous quality improvement and clinical best practice, as well as managing the secretariat functions of the clinical leadership group.


The team is also responsible for developing and maintaining the member support resources available through the member portal. As part of this unit, a Health Information Officer advocates for and strengthens the capacity of AHCWA’s Member Services to plan, manage and deliver key quality health initiatives determined by the needs of Member Services across:

  •  Prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions;

  • Diseases and conditions surveillance; and

  • The promotion of healthy behaviours.

The team also assists AHCWA’s Member Services through a number of current initiatives including:

  • Chronic disease;

  • Maternal, infant and child health;

  • Continuous quality improvement;

  • Patient information management systems;

  • Digital health;

  • Immunisation; and

  • Clinical support.


Sexual Health and Blood Borne Viruses

This program is designed to develop policies and effective strategies with the aim of decreasing the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Hepatitis C in Aboriginal Communities across Western Australia.

Find out more about Sexual Health and BBV’s Training here:


Tackling Indigenous Smoking

AHCWA’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking unit coordinates, plans, develops, implements and evaluates collaborative activities around discontinuing smoking and promoting healthy lifestyles in Aboriginal people and communities across the State. The TIS program works regionally and in metropolitan areas to encourage community support for local anti-smoking campaigns, smoking prevention and smoking cessation activities and events; and develops local ways of reducing smoking rates amongst individuals, families and communities.

This work unit also advocates for the Tomorrow’s Dream campaign; a campaign created by AHCWA to address the Closing the Gap initiatives identified by the Australian Government in 2005.

Workforce and Sector Development

The Workforce and Sector Development unit encompasses a suite of programs addressing the current health and wellbeing issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Western Australia, and planning for the future workforce demand in Aboriginal Health Care. Programs comprise a Family and Wellbeing program, Ear Health, Environmental Health Education, Disability Support Education and a Youth Program.


Family and Wellbeing Program

The Family and Wellbeing Program is responsible for planning, preparing, promoting and delivering accredited training that builds the capacity of ACCHS and their communities to address issues impacting their clients’ social and emotional wellbeing.


Find out more about Family and Wellbeing Training here:


Ear Health Program

The Ear Health Program creates and delivers training within ear health, and assists in the development and delivery of professional development programs to our Member Services.

The Ear Health Program staff also take an active role in implementing strategies addressing issues identified in the WA ACCHS Sector Ear and Hearing Health Implementation Plan.


Find out more about Ear Health Training here:


Environmental Health Education

AHCWA’s Certificate II and III training package in Indigenous Environmental Health will ensure health workers are provided with the necessary leadership and technical skills to progress resolution of environmental health issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Western Australia.


Disability Support Education

AHCWA’s accredited VET training course will equip disability service providers with the skills and knowledge to provide culturally secure education and advocacy for Aboriginal people with disabilities.


National Disability Support

Increasingly, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services across WA are becoming registered providers of the NDIS, to support the delivery of disability services that are responsive to the unique needs of Aboriginal people.


AHCWA now supports WA ACCHS to engage with the National Disability Insurance Agency, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and their communities to improve access for Aboriginal people with disability to participate in the NDIS, as well as to establish sustainable, contemporary NDIS business solutions, ensuring they are viable and efficient NDIS service providers into the future.


Youth Program

AHCWA’s Aboriginal Youth Program aims to establish and coordinate State-wide youth networks to promote and sustain a significant youth presence within our ACCHS across the State. The program is responsible for ensuring that the youth perspective is included in relevant policy development and future program planning.