Board Members

AHCWA is governed by a Board of Directors, termed the Board in its constitution. The Board must comprise one representative from each of the seven AHCWA regions in Western Australia, as well as office bearers – Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary. Altogether there are 12 members of the Board. Board members are elected by all AHCWA members represented and serve for a period of one year. Board members are eligible for re-election.

Chairperson - Vicki O'Donnell_WEB.jpg

Vicki O'Donnell



Kimberley Rep - Chris Bin Kali_WEB.jpg

Chris Bin Kali

Deputy Chairperson

Secretary - Fabian Tucker_WEB.jpg

Fabian Tucker


Deb Woods.jpg

Deborah Woods


Regional Directors

Deputy Chairperson - Raymond Christopher

Raymond Christophers

Kimberley Rep

Central Desert Rep -Preston Thomas_WEB.j

Preston Thomas

Central Desert Rep

Goldfields Rep - Eric Simpson_WEB.jpg

Eric Simpson

Goldfields Rep


Southwest Rep - Ernie Hill_WEB.jpg

Ernie Hill

South West Rep

Gascoyne-Murchsion Rep - Rachael Mallard_WEB.jpg

Rachel Mallard

Gascoyne/Murchison Rep

June Councillor - Pilbara Alternate_WEB.

June Councillor

Pilbara Rep

Youth Rep - Wade Garwood_WEB.jpg

Donna Nelson

Metro Rep

Wade Garwood

Youth Rep