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AHCWA is governed by a Board of Directors, termed the Board in its constitution. The Board must comprise one representative from each of the seven AHCWA regions in Western Australia, as well as office bearers – Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary. Altogether there are 11 members of the Board. Board members are elected by all AHCWA members represented and serve for a period of one year. Board members are eligible for re-election.

Vicki O'Donnell



Raymond Christophers

Deputy Chairperson

Fabian Tucker


Susan Oakley 


Regional Directors

Chris Bin Kali

Kimberley Rep

Preston Thomas

Central Desert Rep

Eric Simpson

Goldfields Rep


Ernie Hill

South West Rep

Rachael Mallard

Gascoyne/Murchison Rep

Jonathon Ford

Metro Rep

Phyllis Simmons

Pilbara Rep

Wade Garwood

Youth Rep (observer)


Lesley Nelson

Southwest Alt

Josie McArthur

Goldfields Alt


June Councillor

Pilbara Alt


Metro Alt


Derek Harris

Central Desert Alt


Gascoyne/Murchison Alt


Kimberley Alt


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